The beginning…

Hello Everybody! Well, it’s always the beginning… every single day, isn’t it. I’m still trying to learn how to set up this blog as to look like as I want it, meanwhile I would like to start writing to you already. So let’s just kick off with a clever statement that is about setting up a “new thing” (can be business), that I learnt from some successful and clever people: It’s never gonna be ready (finished). You gotta go out there and start, because the point “it’s ready” (it’s finished) will never come. Ever-changing and ever-challenging everydays…

Also, another statement (from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer), that’s also true: The only moment, when “you are ready”, when “you are finished”, is when you die. So get use to the idea to be willing to “start” when it’s “not ready yet”. Because if you wait until “it’s ready”, you never gonna “start”.

Here we go 🙂 Talk soon.

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