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Everything that interests you, should get attention from you. Also daydreaming! Listen to it, it’s trying to tell you something. why do we give our heads to other commitments in life? Instead of getting what we want? At the moment I don’t have my own office, and not meeting clients or giving trainings yet. Yet. Because the day will arrive. Not by itself though. I need to take certain steps to achieve that outcome. The question is: are you willing to take the necessary steps towards your goal? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone? /because that’s only how we grow/. And if your answer is Yes, you might say, but hang on, I have a lot of obligations throughout the day, the weeks, takes most of my time, and when I have some free time, I just need to relax, or I just make up for the things I didn’t get to finish before. Well, I hope not all of you are in these shoes.. If not, be grateful for that. In my situation, that is the case. Right now. So I know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now it’s almost midnight, and I would just go and sleep, since tomorrow is an early wake-up again.. but it’s very much the time to continue the last post. I would feel really bad if I put it off again.. So, I threw my tiredness away. I decided the opposite. This is something, what you can do too, if you don’t have any other resources to help you. Cut some time off your relax time. Keep some time to relax!! But you could cut a little bit off, couldn’t you? Or cut some time off of something else, that wouldn’t hurt. It will be an investment, in yourself.

You need to have a list of the things that you like to do, or used to like, whenever it was, whatever it is, things that make you enthusiastic, and makes you happy… We were talking about the carrier in the last post. I forgot to mention, that you also create another list. Get a new piece of paper, and list aaaall your skills and capabilities, everything that you are good at! Don’t be humble.. Now it’s time to face all your positive skills! Make that list now, and when you finished, come back to read on.

Oookay. Welcome back 🙂 Did you really do it? On paper! This blog is action orientated! Because that is how results born.

You know, once I asked the question to myself: What would I do, if I had millions of dollars? I mean, after the travellings, shoppings, moneysharing.. What would I invest in? What would I love to deal with?  Yeah, an owned café or even hotel would be nice, maybe the beauty industry … But I didn’t feel any interest towards them, in terms of day to day operation, details.. So I asked the question: What is the thing I am good at? I know my skills (eg. touch-typing), but what area am I also interested in? I could say only one thing. My communication/people skills. I am good with people, talking to them, understanding and helping them. I like doing it.

So, look at both of your lists, about the things that you like to do or used to like, and the other one about everything that you are good at. Is there a common factor? If you like doing certain things that you are good at, and vice versa, does it tell you anything? For me it certainly does. It has just given you the answer for the question: What do I want? Now, how to get started..

On The Next Move’s Facebook page I have shared a picture (by someone else) about how the way of success looks like… 😀

As you may know, every start is difficult, and it’s fine. When you have your goal, try to chunk it down into small pieces, into smaller goals, that you can undoubtedly achieve. Do it particularly if your goal is quite big. And then forget about the higher chunks. If you keep straining yourself to achieve the big goal, you’ll end up with losing enthusiasm, and achieving nothing. But the smaller goals are manageable, and as you walk to the next one and next one, you’ll feel the fire inside you more and more, and the proud that YES, you Can!

On the left side of this blog there is a widget called “Book content/review”. The book is called: Maxwell Maltz – Psycho cybernetics 2000. There is a technique detailed in it, called SMART. Set your goals on SMART way (I have added another S to the end, from NLP). Explains the right way to set your goals.

In the SMARTS, it also says: surround yourself with people who want you to succeed!

So your next important step (after your 2 lists) is to set those goals in the SMARTS way. And remember! Know your purpose, but set aside the higher chunks, and deal with the first things first! One step at a time!!! (a kid doesn’t just hop on the bike and start riding.. we learn usually with 3 wheels… the first step first… and the next one… and then just 2 wheels.. then a bigger bike… then cool bike tricks..).

Also remember! Whatever you goal is, keep in mind that the process needs your flexibility! Things will change, so be able to keep up with the changes, accept them, and alter your plans where needed, update, just like in a blog, on Facebook, your friend about your stories..

Let’s just say out loud: Wherever you are heading to, you will arrive. (If it’s nothing special, then it won’t be any special and things will always “just happen to you”. It’s fine, as long as you are happy with your situation.)

When you are about to achieve something, you usually need at least money or time, or both of them. When you think you don’t have enough money, what you always can do is to do everything that doesn’t cost you anything. Such as: more effort, give some more of your time, brainstorming for ideas by asking people “how would you do this?”, build up a network of people, etc.

In case you start putting things off, make a plan, on a paper. You can always reorganise something in your schedule. Eg. what is the thing that you could do another day on the week or another time on a day.. or for less time maybe.. something that you could ask somebody else to do for you, so it would clean up a spot in your schedule.. perhaps it’s only your focus that needs to be supervised by you (like for me, everything needs to be written, otherwise my tasks tend to slip out of control..), a bit more task orientation could help (again, paper format is highly recommended!! even if you don’t like it. It will be in front of eyes to guide you), first things first!

Yes, it can feel like sacrifice is part of the business. Well, if you can make a better deal, do it. The only thing that counts is that you take action.

After the mentioned techniques, advices and references, the whole thing needs only implementation.

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